Minimum Wage

We are starting to hear a big uproar over minimum wage again.  Anyone care to guess why? 

Hint: it’s an election year (meaning they don’t actually care about you, just your vote)

Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea. 

(Patiently awaiting the “omg you hate poor people” bullshit argument)

It does nothing for those that make minimum wage.  It will cost jobs.  If an employer has to pay more in wages, they are either going to cut hours for some or raise their prices or both.  Neither of which is good for those making minimum wage. 

Also, what happens to those that have stayed with a company for years, busted their butts and earned pay increases?  Those pay raises would just get wiped out.  Not quite fair for them, now is it?

Every single minimum wage hike in the history of this nation has been followed by a recession.  Yeah, I know “correlation does not equal causation.”  But it also doesn’t mean there isn’t something there. 

Now, I do realize that someone making minimum wage cannot support a family.  So here’s the ultimate quesiton:  why on earth did they start a family before getting themselves situated?  It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

People seem to forget, minimum wages are for unskilled labor.   If you want to make more, learn a skill.  And here’s the big problem with that: a lot of jobs are going overseas.  

So which is the better answer?  Raise minimum wage, costing jobs and raising the cost of goods, or getting more jobs back here, in the US? 

Raising minimum wage is only a band-aid and does nothing for those making it in the long term.  What would do more is more jobs.  More industry, more manufacturing.  THAT is what will help the poor out more.  It will give them more opportunities to learn a trade.  It will create more competition, not for job seekers, but for job openings.  THAT is how we help them. 

Raising minimum wage only encourages and rewards mediocrity.  It punishes those who try to better themselves and rewards those who are content with not putting forth the effort required to be successful.  

Yes, there are always exceptions.  Someone was laid off from a good job and took a minimum wage job over unemployment.  Kudos to them!  But they’re the ones that get screwed by this as well.  They may not be able to get the raises they worked hard for.  It’s policies like these that keep people poor instead of actually helping them advance.  That’s where the focus should be on.  Advancement.  Not status quo.

But so many on the left will continue to fight for the status quo instead of advancement.  They will make victims out of those that aren’t, crush their dreams and convince them, they’re too stupid or ignorant to better themselves.  They’ll promise them more money (but not enough to actually help) in exchange for more votes.

Minimum wages are not for supporting a family.  They’re not for career wages.  They’re for entry level jobs.  And yes, there should be some sort of minimum wage to keep people from being exploited.  But by arbitrarily increasing them and not helping those earning minimum wages to advance, it’s just fancy slavery.

You may not like it… but it’s just the Grim Truth!