One of these days

One of these days I have to get back into writing.  It was always a release.  A way to vent, express myself, unwind, etc.  But as I sit here thinking of what to write about, I find myself getting more wound up.  There’s been so much going on that just really makes me fear for the future of mankind.

It blows my mind how little folks think these days.  We had the whole Ferguson thing.  Looting over an adult (yes, he was legally an adult) that was killed when he attacked a cop.  Even if he wasn’t attacking the officer, what does looting your own neighborhood (or any neighborhood for that matter) accomplish?  We had the anti-cop crowd screaming for justice, but then they fell into silence when not one, not two, but three autopsies revealed that witnesses lied, and the officer acted appropriately.  Everyone screamed for justice, but now this officer’s life is ruined.  Where is his justice?

Then we get Isis beheading people and the majority of the Muslim world was silent.  They did not show outrage until a Jordanian pilot was killed.  I guess life only matters if they belong to your religion?

I’m a libertarian.  I believe you should be able to do what you want as long as it doesn’t affect other people.  Both the democrats and republicans have disappointed me massively in general.  But the left just seems to get loonier and loonier as time goes by.  While I don’t always agree with the GOP, I just don’t see them purposefully twisting the words of the left the way the left does to them.  I’ll see them read more into the words of a democrat, but dems and the left seem to straight up change the words themselves to make it seem like someone said something they never did.  Sorry, but if you have to make up blatant lies or purposefully distort what someone said, then you are proving your argument holds no value at all.  If it did, then those types of actions wouldn’t need to be taken.

I see more and more division every day.  We get black leaders seemingly telling their people to hate whites.  We get feminists still out there pushing a gender war instead of equality.  Us vs them.  Why?  What does any of this actually accomplish?  Nothing.  Nothing at all except perpetuating everything.  Stop lumping everyone together in little groups.  Not all men are rapists.  Not all women are cold-hearted shrews.  Grow the hell up.  Every time someone sits there and makes some hogwash blanket statement like “it’s ok for men to do…” or “women always get away with…” you perpetuate the divisiveness.  Just stop.

It amazes me how selfish the world has become.  We ignore the value of life for the sake of convenience.  We demand more and put in less.  We hate those better off than we are, while ignoring the struggles and efforts that got them there.  Sorry, but if you honestly think a CEO didn’t get there by working 100+ hours a week, you’re a fool.  I would never want their life.  To me, no amount of money is worth the sacrifices they make.  But it’s THEIR choice to do so.  And who am I to hate on them for their success?  The only thing stopping me from achieving that type of success is me and me alone.  But yet, we are told to hate them.

We have become so selfish, we don’t see the big picture.  “We are the 99%!” Became the rallying cry.  Of course, most of those folks are so wrapped up in their own little world, they didn’t realize they are just as selfish as the 1% they hate.  Because most of them fall into the world’s richest 1%.  But it didn’t matter to them.  They’re special.

So with all of this crap going on, I just really haven’t felt like writing about it.  I’m hoping to again some day.  Maybe when life settles down for me.  Or maybe when the world settles down and stops being so damn selfish.  And yes, it’s the whole world.  From the rich to the poor, the women and men, the left and the right.  No one is immune from selfishness.

Maybe one day it won’t always be about “me” or “us” but everyone.

You may not like it… but it’s just the Grim Truth.


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