To those that think free birth control is a “right”

This issue isn’t going away.  Eden Foods is now in the battle.  They also wish to not be forced to have to pay for birth control. 

It amazes me how many people are calling for a boycott.


Because they don’t want to be forced to partake in a sin?  Because they don’t feel they should have to give up their religious freedom?

Or because society has become so damn selfish that they are demanding free things for perceived rights?

These people are claiming birth control is a woman’s right.  And they’re correct in that.  No one is out there trying to stop women from having access to it.  They’re only trying to not be forced to pay for it.

Let me put it in perspective:

I have the right to own guns.  So, if you are demanding that Hobby Lobby and Eden Food provide access to free birth control, then you must also agree that I should have access to free guns.

If you believe women should have the right to dictate who pays for their birth control, then you should agree that I should have the right to dictate who pays for my guns.

So, if you don’t want to be a hypocrite, message me and I’ll send you a link to my PayPal account.

You may not like it… but it’s just the Grim Truth!


Not My Boss’s Business Act

Wow.  Just wow.  The democrats just don’t get it.  They think they are the supreme rulers of this nations, and the supreme rulers of free thought.

Also, again, no one is saying women can’t have birth control.  Just that you can’t force someone to give up their beleifs.  It’s not discrimination.  What IS discrimination is saying if you have religious beleifs, you either have to give them up or not be allowed to own a business.  THAT is discrimination, folks, and that is exactly what the democrats are trying to do. 

They are now trying to pass a law that would require businesses provide contraceptives.  Um… didn’t the Supreme Court just strike such a law down?

This is the waste they create.  The waste of time they focus on.  Iraq is falling, the border is a mess, the economy is still a mess, unemployment still high, and THIS is what they choose to focus on?

Maybe the republicans should make a deal.  They’ll vote for this bill, provided abortions be outlawed since all contraceptives would be provided free of charge.  Because then, there would be no need for abortion.

But you’ll never see that happening.  Why?

Because the democrats feel folks should be able to do whatever they want and have no responsibility for their actions.  They think everyone else should pay for it.  And this is where the insanity from these folks come from.  They want that, but they also want to tell you what you can and can’t do in other aspects (large soda ban, anyone?)

Which is why it is indeed your boss’s business.  If they are the ones paying out the bulk of the insurance premiums (and face it, check your paystubs, you boss certainly is the one paying for it), it most certainly IS their business.  Anytime you have to pay for something, you have a right to know what it’s for and the right (guaranteed by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights) to NOT have to pay for something that is against your religion. 

Why is it, that only a certain group of people feel their rights always outweigh the rights of others?  I have a right to keep and bear arms.  I do NOT however, have the right to demand that others pay for those arms, nor do I have the right to use that right to end someone’s life who is not threatening mine or my family’s.

This is why we’re in a heap of trouble, folks.  When we start thinking that our perceived rights are more important than someone else’s actual rights.  This is also why I feel libertarianism is the only political ideology that makes actual sense.  The basis is, you can do what you want, as long as it doesn’t affect someone else’s rights.  By demanding someone give up their religious freedom so you can have “free” birth control, is well, just plain arrogant, selfish and damn childish.

You may not like it, but it’s just the Grim Truth!

Hobby Lobby Ruling

There is so much misinformation out there regarding this ruling.  To be honest, I’m not even sure it’s misinformation but rather it’s purposeful.  It’s a method to attack people with religious affiliations.  Think about it.  Regligion can be openly attacked.  No other group can be attacked the way those of faith can. 

But onto the ruling.  No, Hobby Lobby is not controlling women.  This is nothing more than a lie.  It’s as simple as that.  They are not discriminating, they are not firing women on birth control. 

In fact, they actually DO cover most birth control!  They cover 16 out of 20 birth control methods mandated by Obamacare.  The only four they don’t are what are considered ending life contraceptives.  In other words, they are technically abortions. 

This fight wasn’t about controlling women, it wasn’t about birth control.  It was about freedom.  The freedom to be able to own a company and not be forced to abandon other beliefs. 

Some say this will snowball and employers will be able to control us.  No, it just means we can’t control them and their beliefs.  Would it be right for me to go into a muslim business and demand they serve me bacon?  No, it wouldn’t.  And I certainly wouldn’t be so bigoted as to demand they do.  Which is what folks who are upset at Hobby Lobby are doing.  They are forcing THEIR beliefs on Hobby Lobby.  How is it any different than what they claim Hobby Lobby is doing (even though that’s not what is happening at all)?

We are guaranteed a first amendment right to freedom of religion. 

Alway have, and as long as I live and breath, we always will. 

I just wonder why the left is so upset at this ruling?  Why are they upset that the court ruled in favor of freedom of religion?  (By the way, the ruling was in favor of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, that was signed into law by lefty hero Bill Clinton). 

When we demand that others change to accomodate us, especially their beliefs, we become bigots.  And that’s exactly what has happened in this case.  Those who are upset at the ruling or upset at the family (yes, family, Hobby Lobby is a privately owned business) for exercising their 1st Amendment rights, are indeed bigots. 

If you want to play the slippery slope card, then what if the court ruled against Hobby Lobby?  You would not be free to exercise YOUR beliefs.  No blogs, no opinion, forced to do things you feel are wrong. 

This isn’t a defeat for birth control (remember, Hobby Lobby still covers 16 types of birth control).  It’s not a win for religious fundamentalists.

It’s a win for freedom.

You may not like it… but it’s just the Grim Truth!

Republican Bill to Force Vegan Restaurants to Serve Steak!

House Republicans have introduced a bill that would require vegan restaurants to serve meat products.  Republican Mark Ingram from Alabama wrote the bill.  He says, “They are operating a restaurant.  They cannot serve food without serving meat.  People need to eat meat.  Who are they to deny this to consumers?”  The bill is expected to pass the house, but Democrats in the Senate have vowed to vote it down.

If you agree this bill is wrong, and a violation of the Restauraneer’s rights, you would be correct. 

If you think this bill is a good idea, you either have a good sense of humor, or you are a moron.

If you think this bill is wrong, but also think Hobby Lobby is in the wrong, you are either a moronic hypocrite, or a self-righteous asshat.

Because it’s pretty much the exact same argument.  The only difference is, the owner of Hobby Lobby has a Constitutional right to his religion.  Vegans to not have a constitutional right to be vegans (unless they consider it a religion). 

I’m sorry, but there really is no difference in these two examples.  Vegans have the right to decide what services they will offer to their customers.  Hobby Lobby has a right to decide what benefits they provide to their employees.  If the owner of Hobby Lobby feels it is a sin to provide contraception to employees, then that his is Constitutionally guaranteed right.

And neither is absolutely needed to live a healthy, long life.  Plenty of people live to be a ripe old age without eating meat.  And birth control is not absolutely needed.  Yes, it can be used to regulate menstrual cycles.  But meat can be used to regulate bowel movements.  Some folks don’t like the feeling of having to eat beans to get their protein because of the gas it gives them.  And some women don’t like have menstrual cycles that come sporradically.  Both have valid points.  But the vegan restaurant should not be FORCED to compromise their beliefs because I don’t like beans, just as the owner of Hobby Lobby shouldn’t be forced to compromise his beliefs because someone don’t want a child.

Just as I can go to another restaurant or store to buy my meat for my protein needs, an employee can choose to join one of the exchanges or obtain insurance elsewhere for their birth control needs. 

And so many people have absolutely no idea what Hobby Lobby’s actual stance is on this topic.  They don’t want to bar their employees form using birth control.  They understand it’s their right to do so.  Just as a vegan restaurant can’t stop me from buying meat somewhere else.  They choose not to.  Even if I eat meat at their restaurant, they still are not hurting animals, right?  Wrong.  They are.  They would then be an accomplice to the suffering of that animal in their view, and that’s why pretty much every intelligent person would oppose a bill like the one I made up above.  Yet, many of those same people oppose the stance of the owner of Hobby Lobby.

Just most vegans are ok with me eating meat, most that don’t approve of birth control don’t mind if others use it.  Are there some in the fringe that are out to ban it?  Yes, absolutely.  But there are also the militant vegans out to ban meat consumption.  They are not representative of the populace, however.   

So why do they support the ACA mandate that Hobby Lobby not have the same right to not be an accomplice to something they feel is wrong?  In the owner’s eyes, it is as much of a sin for him to provide it as it would be for him to use it. 

Here’s what really riles my feathers about it all.  So many people call Hobby Lobby ignorant becuase employees can still use the money they earn working there to go buy it. 

Is that ignorance, or is it compromise?  See, what these folks don’t understand is, the owner of Hobby Lobby just wants to protect his rights.  He doesn’t want to force his views down others’ throats.  That would be Facism.  And Hobby Lobby supports the right of people to choose to use birth control if they choose, just not be a part of it. 

Every one of us have something that we don’t agree with that is legal to do.  Whether it be pre-marital sex, spanking your children, adultery, how others choose to invest their money, the list goes on and on.  But for the most part, the rational people of this nation just choose to not partake, but do not go so far as to try to ban others from doing it.  That is exactly what Hobby Lobby is doing. 

It would be a completely different story if the chain store were to start firing people that used birth control, but they aren’t.  The owner is simply asking to not be forced to take part and fund something he is against because of religious beliefs. 

If you still feel Hobby Lobby should be forced to provide birth control in the insurance they mostly pay for, then you should also agree that vegan restaurants can be forced to sell meat to customers that FULLY pay for the product.  If not, I’m sorry, you’re just a hypocrite.

You may not like it… but it’s just the Grim Truth.